What is an Electric Cog?
Well, electric means “Exciting; thrilling” and cog means “A person who plays a part in an organization” so Electric Cog represents “A thrilling person who plays a part in an exciting organization”.

Have you ever asked one of your friends or colleagues, “Do you know someone that does websites?” In today’s market place it is essential that companies have a presence on the Internet. With a growing number of consumers using the web to search for products or services, more and more businesses are losing out on potential customers. Additionally, websites can be used to inform loyal customers of special deals and new products in a more cost productive and efficient manor than through mailings.

My goal is to provide a low cost and high quality alternative to expensive design companies that are out of reach for many small businesses. Please browse my site and contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you,
Casey Landreth

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