About Electric Cog Design

Welcome to my site and let me introduce myself, my name is Casey Landreth and I'm a web developer and graphic designer. I graduated from the University of Advancing Computer Technology in Tempe Arizona with a Bachelors of Arts specializing in computer graphics and web design. I have been working professionally as a web designer for the past 3 years and have been creating freelance graphic design and web design for the past 10 years.

My goal is to provide a low cost, high quality alternative to costly web design and graphic art companies that are out of reach for many small business. How I do this is working from home so that I have very low overhead and use open source code, images or free tools that are provided to web developers such as from Google. I can also create custom built scripts to meet your needs if required. I help my client with an understanding of current web site and development needs and show them low cost or free tools to help them in the build of their web site, this way they can benefit from the tools that are seen on high priced sites at a low cost. I also help in finding low cost yet high quality website hosting and domain registration.

If you are interested in getting your business online or redesigning your current website please contact me with any questions that you may have and help me make your vision become reality.

Casey Landreth

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